Florida : The symbol of a fractured America

In this Thursday’s midterm elections, Florida’s gubernatorial race embodies the fracture between Americans. The democrat candidate Andrew Gillum, an unapologetic liberal, faces republican former congressman and Trump supporter Ron DeSantis.

The outcome of the gubernatorial race in Florida may forecast 2020’s presidential election. In this thursday’s midterm elections, the third most populous state of the US is again in the center of media’s attention. Democrat candidate Andrew Gillum, “the new Obama”,  is facing Ron DeSantis, a fervent Trump supporter. Two candidates that everything distinguish.

Andrew Gillum, shortly leading in the polls, could be the first black governor of Florida. He is the proud son of a construction worker and a school bus driver, a topic he often talks about and dedicated a large portion of his campaign ad to it. This mayor of Tallahassee received the support of pop-star Rihanna and former primary candidate Bernie Sanders. Andrew Gillum is ideologically close to Sanders. He wants to ban assault weapons, raise minimum wages, extend healthcare and abolish the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

His opponent is the exact opposite. Ron DeSantis studied in Yale and Harvard, the two most prestigious US universities, and he is a military veteran. He is the “trumpiest” of all candidates. The former congressman endorsed almost every decisions Donald Trump made and follows his rethorics. In his campaign ad, he acts like a model dad. He plays to “build a wall” with his daughter, read her Donald Trump’s book “The art of the deal” and learn her how to read with the slogan “Make America Great Again”. Like Trump, he wants to fight abortion, immigration and defend gun rights.

Former and actual presidents are on the offensive

Barack Obama endorsed Gillum: ““Andrew is a proven fighter with the courage and determination to stand up for Florida families” he stated. The second of novembre, the former president attended a rally in Miami to support his candidacy. During his speech, Obama took a few swings at Trump.


On the other side, Ron DeSantis received Donald Trump’s support. The president attacked his opponent’s job as mayor of Tallahassee, “one of the worst, one of the biggest problem cities anywhere in the country”, Trump tweeted. “He’s not doing the job. You don’t want to have him running Florida”


Donald Trump also called Andrew Gillum a “thief” while DeSantis called him a “corrupt liar” during the last debate, referring to an ongoing federal corruption probe in Tallahassee. In 2016, the mayor accepted free tickets for a Broadway musical offered by an undercover FBI agent. He denied the accusation of corruption and explained that he was not the focus of this investigation.

Andrew Gillum fired back at his opponent, accusing Ron DeSantis of being “racist”. During a TV interview in August about the race, the former congressman told voters not to “monkey this up”. He is also criticised for having far-right groups supporting him and conferences organised by white supremacists.

Those verbal assaults between the two candidates are reminiscent of 2016 presidential race.


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