Interview with Anita and Chuck Bauman, American citizens abroad

© CAPTURE FB Chuck and Anita live in Toulon, France.

Chuck Bauman is a pastor. His wife Anita is a secretary. The couple have been living in France for over twenty years. These two « expats » voted for Donald Trump in 2016. They have agreed to talk with us about midterms.

(propos recueillis en Français puis traduits en Anglais)

Is it complicated to vote when you do not live in America ?

It is pretty easy. You just have to vote by absentee ballot. Americans abroad can go on the internet to ask for a ballot. Then they just have to return the voted ballot, and it can be done by email or fax in some states.

French people living abroad have their own representatives. Is this the case for the United States ?

Unfortunately no, I (Anita) am supposed to vote for Oklahoma representatives and Chuck is supposed to vote for Arkansas representatives. But it would be a good idea.

What did you vote for the midterms?

We did not vote for midterms. Usually, we only vote during presidential elections.

Why ?

Because it is more important. We elect a president who will choose the justices of the supreme court. He gives an impulse to the country and he shows the way.

It is also difficult to vote for midterms when you no longer live in the United States. We are not informed enough to vote for the right candidate.

But we are not the only ones. Generally, Americans do not vote much for midterms. Here in Toulon, we do not know any American voting for this election.

The midterms could have an impact on Donald Trump’s presidency. What will be the result according to you ?

I think Donald Trump did a lot of things for the country. He has a lot of flaws, but at least he is honest and perseverant. He gave up any salary to help his country. Trump has good economic results, and I think Americans are conscious of it. Republicans should keep the majority.

What would happen if the Democrats won the election?

It would be a bad thing for the country. Democrats could block bills to bother Trump, and they could also initiate an impeachment. The country is on the right track, and this is not the time to stop this momentum.

by Valentin Deleforterie

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