“The young voters are very active on social media and more politically-aware”

According to American journalist JC, the new generation of voters is more politicized and tends to express itself more. This trend could have a significant impact on the midterm elections.

Unbelievable. On November 3rd 2014, only 849,876 people under thirty had voted for the midterm elections. On November 3rd 2018, they were 2,347,864!” according to French historian Thomas Snegaroff, who covers the midterms on Twitter. Some experts assume this outburst is due to the fear President Donald trump spreads all over the country.

During the last two years indeed, America has become a pretty dark place for anyone environmentally aware or comitted to gender issues… and these topics are highly popular among young people. Can the new generation of voters make a difference during these midterms? We asked a few questions to JC, an American journalist based in Paris.

  • Do you think that famous people or influencers like Taylor Swift, who encouraged her fans to vote, can swing the race?

I cannot say, but they can motivate people to register for sure, and they can motivate them to go and vote. It definitely does encourage people that have a very high esteem for Swift to follow her statement about the importance of voting. If she says it’s cool…

  • Are young people in the US democrats?

It is not the same in New York City or in Dallas, for instance. I don’t know how many of them live in New York, in which Democrats tend to outnumber Republicans.

  • What is their main area of concern?

There is a new generation of voters: some vote for the first time, maybe for the second time. The environment is a very big issue for sure, gun control is a top issue as well, and LGBT issues really matter for them. They are more politically-aware and engaged than I was when I was 18. They also are very active on social media, which has become really politicized. They eat, breathe and sleep the Internet all day long!

  • With these electionswill families be torn apart like they were two years ago when Trump was elected?

America is huge! It is hard question because it is already so divided and so polarized geographically, historically… Families have already been torn apart, and the midterms will not change that. It will not divide families and America anymore. Either way it goes, it will only add fuel to the fire.

Maud Le Rest

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