Midterms 2018 : “Donald Trump gets involved much more than the others presidents”

Donald Trump, in 2016 (© Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America)

Donald Trump visited lot of States for the midterms. According to Anne Deysine, specialist of the United States and author of The Supreme court of the United States : right, politics and democracy (Dalloz), the president of the United States has been really involved in this campaign.


Did Donald Trump make of the Midterms one “for or against” its politics ?

He campaigned at the expense of the taxpayer. He visits all of the States which can maintain his majority. Every time, he said “I am not on the ballot, but if you vote for the Republican candidate you vote for me”. It’s important for him to be able to continue to make what he is doing. He thinks that his policy is the best.

Is it usual that the president get involved so much in the Midterms ?

Usually, it’s implicite. The first elections after the presidential election is a “for or against” the president. But this year, with Donald Trump, there is one thing which is really different : it is the way he goes to the mat. He gets involved much more than the other presidents before him.

It could be dangerous for his mandate ?

No. Anyway, that addresses only its base, which represents nearly 40% of the Americans. If he loses, he will blame someone else. He will explain that the candidates were bad. He will take no responsibility.


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