Minnesota: a Democrat against a hockey player

Pete Stauber ; Joe Radinovich ©Wikicommons

Republican Pete Stauber is facing Democrat Joe Radinovich for the House seat representing Minnesota’s eighth Congressional District, currently held by Democrat Rick Nolan.

In these midterm elections, Democrats have a chance of taking the House of Representatives back, with the possibility of blocking Trump’s program. And their reconquest goes through the U.S. state of Minnesota. Minnesota has eight House seats, five of which are held by Democrats and three by Republicans. Democrats hope to take two seats, but fear losing the first and eighth Congressional District.

Indeed, in the 8th Congressional District, a pro-Trump wave goes against predictions. Then, this Democratic District could be picked up by Republicans. Joe Radinovich, a Democrat, is running against Republican Pete Stauber. The polls put him neck-and-neck with his opponent. What will happen in this state will be watched closely.

Joe Radinovich is a 32-year-old former state representative, first elected to the Minnesota House at 26. He was the campaign manager of the current Democratic representative, Rick Nolan. Pete Stauber is a member of the St. Louis County Commission, a retired police lieutenant and a former professional hockey player who played for a Detroit Red Wings minor league affiliate.

In these mining basins, people applaud Donald Trump’s speeches. Republican Pete Stauber claims the support of the president. « Unemployment is low, optimism is high, small businesses are hiring, companies are investing, and consumer confidence is overflowing », said the former hockey player, Minnesota’s favorite sport.

According to Steven Schier, a professor of political science at Carleton College who specializes in American politics: “Minnesota could announce the color of the next president”. The next two years of Donald Trump’s term could depend largely on the result of these confrontations.

_ Inès Pons-Teixeira

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