Ted Cruz vs. Robert “Beto” O’Rourke : towards a political alternance in Texas ?

May be a Democrat for senator of Texas ? Quite a political earthquake in Texas, where the Grand
Old Party owns the senate chair since 25 years old.

A leftist versus an ultraconservative for Texas Midterms. We’ll know this evening the name of the
future senator of this State. In the red corner, we have Ted Cruz, the incubent senator since 2013. In
the blue corner, Robert “Beto” O’Rourke, called as “a stranger” by the local newspapper. But since
the beginning of the campaign, the Democrat candidate is in the spotlight.

His opponent, knew for his right-wing position in republican party, choose his catchword of
campaign : “Ted Cruz, tough as Texas”. “Beto” also doesn’t hide himself his aversion for centrist
position. During the run for the senator chair he said : “The only thing that you’re going to find in the
middle of the road are yellow lines and dead amarillos.”

But, can a Democrat win this State ? Not impossible for Jacob Cigainero, an American journalist from
Texas : “There’s a chance. In recent polls, “Beto” needs only two points for win the State.” Robert
O’Rourke has already won the fundraiser battle : “He’s got a large support, Two weeks ago, he raised
70 million dollars. Ted Cruz two times less than his adversary.” declares the journalist from Texas.

Half and half between Republicans and Democrats in big cities

According to him, the blue candidate mays count on protest votes: “It will be also an election against
Donald Trump, from the young people and first time voters.” With a 34 years-old average and
around 21% of its population between 20 and 30 years old, Texas is quite a young state. More than
Ohio, New York or California for example.

If Ted Cruz has more chance to conserve his chair, it will not be as easier than he thinks. “In big city,
it’s half and half, there’s a very small difference between Democrats and Republicans”, analyses
Jacob Cigainero. Texas has big cities – like Dallas, Houston, Boston or San Antonio – where more than
80% of the population live in.

It’s been 25 years that a Texan democrat don’t sit at the Senate. “If Robert O’Rourke wins, it will be a
major political turn in Texas, and in USA”, reports the american journalist. The struggle will be
tough… as Texas.

Romain Haillard

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