Still with Trump

Trump supporters are still here for the Midterms

As the midterms are likely to be wined by the democrats, Trump hasn’t lost his supporters yet. Republicans are still credited with 38 to 40% of vote intentions.

Despite his multiple polemic declarations, his angry tweets against immigrants, medias, other countries… Donald Trump is still supported by many American people.

Some of them like his habit of tweeting about everything : « It’s his way to speak to us directly », says Eddyan, farmer in Nevada and Trump supporter. When she’s asked about his conduct with women, she doesn’t see the problem: « I don’t think that he treats women badly, sometimes you’re treated like you want people to treat you, I don’t think this is insulting », explains Eddyan.

With her husband, they live two hours left from Elko, a 20.000-people town in the north of Nevada. A City where Trump went on a meeting last week, a good surprise for the couple of farmers : « I would never have imagined a president here ! Usually, whe see him in Washington or other big cities. But here he is in Elko, our small town. », says Hank, Eddyan’s husband.

What they like with Trump is also his will of reducing or suppressing environmental rules : « We have the forest office and the soil management office who forbid us to take our livestock where we want. They are inventing new laws nonstop, we’re going to bankrupt with them ! », claims Eddyan.

That’s the exemple of Trump supporters : people who live in small towns, in rural regions and who are not graduated. But that’s not the only face of his voters.

Still in Elko, Travis, a young lawyer, is seduced by Trump : « We have seen him in action for the last two years, there are too many rules in this country, he understands business, he understands people ! », affirm the young men.

His wife, Cami, who works in a university, is more sceptical : « He tells women he loves them but he also says very mean things about women, so it’s hard for me to understand how people can still be convinced by his speech… ».

Some supporters are also convinced by the economic situation of the country, and Trump’s will to « bring back jobs in the US » : « ‘He’s creating more jobs than any other president, he has negotiated new trade agreements for us ! », claims an old woman in the assistance of a Trump’s meeting. It is true that the US economy is going well : unemployment rate is only at 4%, growth is here and salaries are going higher. But is this due to Trump’s action ? Not sure: the restart of the American economy began under Obama…

Thibault Franceschet

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